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JSC VNIIZhT (Railway Research Institute)
Scientific research, design and engineering development, railway technic and technology tests, expertise, production, consulting, conversion, conversion of scientific personnel


Stages of development

1918 – The collegium of People's Commissariat for Lines of Communications decided to establish the Experimental Communications University.

1935 – On the base of existing research institute was established research institute of railway transport (NIIZHT), tracks and construction (NIIPS). At the Moscow-3 station a laboratory building and a pilot plant of NIIZHT were constructed, and at the Beskudnikovo station - a laboratory building of the NIIPS.

1940 – New changes were made in research institutes, and all of them were united into the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZHT) in December 1941.

2007 – Joint Stock Company "Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport" was established - a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways.