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JSC "VNIIZhT" (Railway Research Institute)
Scientific research, design and engineering development, railway technic and technology tests, expertise, production, consulting, conversion, conversion of scientific personnel

Test Loop

Test Loop is the largest test site for carrying out complex tests of railwaytechnics located near Scherbinka station of Moscow railway. Test Loop was put into operation in 1932. Rolling stock and track аге tested in condition of supply limit values and specified plans and profiles.

Infrastructure complex of the polygon includes: three electrified circular tracks with adjoining turnouts; laboratory, technical and household buildings.

On the circular tracks dynamic tests of rolling stock and fatigue tests of track superstructure elements аге performed with the use of а test freight train. Average daily tonnage amounts to1.0 million tons gross. In line with test schedule for one calendar year, under the load of 23.5 tons the tonnage makesup to 300-350 million tones gross.

Laboratory and technical buildings are equipped with specialized integrateddevices (test benches, measuring tools, and computing installations) for carrying out of stationary tests. Tests bench equipmentis designated for tests of railway technics bу simulation of loads occurring during real operational conditions.